Commissioning a Custom Carving

Paul Smith Studios specializes in smoothing the hard edges of this high tech age. With romantic scrolls, intricate ornamentation, and handcrafted furniture, Paul’s work adorns some of England and America’s finest churches, castles, and stately homes.

Commissions are conceptualized and developed with the client before being brought to fruition. With over a quarter of century of experience, Paul Smith Studios is experienced in producing exceptional carvings that meet a wide variety of aesthetic requirements. Our designs are one of a kind creations brought to fruition with care for the creation and appreciation of beauty. Clients will commission Paul when that perfect piece for their unique environment is unavailable even in the most prestigious stores.

From classical statuary to adorn a Place of Worship to whimsical imaginings to personalize your Home or Office, Paul Smith Studios imbues its work with a timeless craftsmanship.

The Commission Process

The commission process begins with a meeting between Paul and the client. At this meeting the client shares with Paul what it is that they want. Paul equally enjoys working both with the clients that already have a specific design in mind and clients who need to lean more heavily on him to help them bring their ideas to fruition.

Ideally this meeting takes place at the installation location of the commission as this enables Paul to give his best input for the design based on the practical limits of the environment and the surrounding style of the interior. Two of Paul’s guiding philosophies are that there is a way to make anything work, and that part of the fun of individual projects is creating the right piece for the right environment.

Paul’s familiarity with a wide range of historical design, from classic Greek and Egyptian to the current day’s contemporary and eclectic uniquely enable him to create one of a kind custom pieces particularly suited to a client’s own person style and space.

After the initial consolation, the concept begins to materialize and Paul puts together a provision sketch based upon the client’s specifications. The sketch is presented for client approval, and once approved, Paul then produces a detailed scaled drawing. When the client signs off on the detailed drawing, the commission commences.

The wood is carefully selected to match the piece being created. Paul’s experience in working with a wide variety of woods enables him to select the most appropriate species in order to bring out the best in the design. After the basic preparation of the wood, he takes mallet to chisels and brings the commission to fruition.

For Paul, the end of the commission process is one of satisfaction at having helped a client create a piece that is exactly what they wanted even if it is something that they were not initially able to verbalize. The resulting piece is one that will last for generations to come. All of Paul’s work has a lifetime guarantee of the very best workmanship and quality and is guaranteed against defect.

Click here to see the process from the preliminary sketch to the detailed drawing.