Customer Testimonials

Stuart Interiors

"This is to confirm the artistry, wood carving skills and furniture making proficiency of Paul K Smith.

In 1976, we gained Paul's services, primarily for his extensive knowledge and carving skills. He remained with us for the following eight years, during which time he became our head carver. Paul's commitment to top quality work was a great contribution to this establishment.

Over the years we have been fortunate to gain commission by an exclusive clientele and, therefore, the highest degree of skill and integrity is required of our work force. We are able to say that Paul's flair as a carver and overall character was in excess of these requirements."
Ken Peterkin, Partner, Stuart Interiors., Somerset

St. Teresa

"I wish to thank you on behalf of the donor for your beautiful creation of St. Teresa of Avila for our church...It will be interesting as 'she' becomes more and more a part of the environment of the church and we all become more and more acquainted with her. I...sincerely appreciate your care and very deep concern that we all are happy."
Father John M., Auburn, CA

Egyptian Style Media Room

"His work was executed authentically and precisely. He delivered the carvings on schedule, as well. His pleasant disposition made him enjoyable to work with and we would gladly work with him again."
Laurel B., Hillsborough, CA

Lion Desk in Pearwood

Deepa Thomas, founder of Deepa Textiles, a renown textile company based in San Francisco, commissioned Paul Smith to make her a desk. "I had an idea for the basic design and I took it to Paul and so began a process of working together that lead to something that is uniue and really extraordinary. The desk is made of Pearwood and very elegant, but what distingusihes it for me are two lions sitting upright on the pedestals. Now you might think this must be very pompous, but that's what's remarkable. He took these lions and carved a humanity in their face, a friendliness, and he gave the manes a romantic quality. So these lions are not intimidating, but they suggest great strength and quiet dignity. And there was something else. I had Paul carve the names, under the feet of the lions, of all the people who have played an important role in my life. It was a way to remember them and to give the desk a significance, even an energy that I shall always cherish."

"It's amazing the furniture he can create. Equally important, he's open spirited, he enjoys working with people, and he has a way of drawing out a design, bringing it to life in a way that's remarkable.

Chiltern Estate

"As an artisan and woodworker, his standards are high with an excellent level of performance. Paul is a pleasure to work with; he is friendly and cooperative with his immediate associates and the general contractor's crew."

Harold A., Hillsborough, CA

Sierra Panorama

"Your nineteen foot long carving of a Sierra panorama is both breathtaking and a warm and inviting piece. Every time I look at it, I have the very real feeling of standing on a rocky prominence overlooking a seemingly familiar Sierra back country scene, ready to hike down to the bottom of the canyon and retrieve a trout dinner for the evening.

Your choice of wood and the color, texture and detail you have incorporated into the carving provide a dramatic entrance to our building. Your talent for perspective, your obvious craftsmanship and artistic ability, and your congenial personality made the entire experience of commissioning a piece of art very pleasant and anxiety-free."
James W., Burlingame, CA

Lion Banister and Monkey Statue

"Paul Smith has demonstrated to me a combination of unique abilities that quite frankly are far above the other persons working with wood in California. He quickly discerns the client's objectives, provides sketches for presentation to the client, and when approved begins with tenacity to accomplish the project on-time.

I enjoy each day a bit more from seeing the wood carving that Paul has created for me. I am completely satisfied with his craftsmanship and artistic expression.

With intelligence, pateince, and confidence he is one of the few persons able to handle people of all levels, of all backgrounds, and of different talents.

I am compelled to speak quite frankly about Paul Smith as he is a most unusually gifted person whose personal reference should not be stylized.

-Donald D., Belmont, CA

Crosby Coat of Arms

"My personal thanks to you for your support of our wine room at the 1998 Decorators Show House, "The Crosby Estate", benefiting the Coyote Point Museum for Environmental Education...The special "Crosby" coat-of-arms carving you created was wonderful and certainly drew a lot of attention." 

Linda D., Burlingame, CA